Our Signature collection has been designed for the modern day woman, with elegance, femininity, comfort and fit at the very core of every new design.  In honour of this new core collection, we're giving you complete access to behind the scenes of our photo shoot, from Fleur's inspirational mood boards to how we select a location and model. From choosing the hair and makeup, to selecting the final images that will be used on our website, this season we're giving you exclusive access to it all.



Photoshoot concept


Where was the new Signature Collection shot?

A beautiful house in North London.

How did you choose the location? 

The mood for our new Signature collections is very modern and elegant, so I wanted a location that really reflected this. For me, the process always starts with colour - we wanted something fairly muted and neutral but with lots of natural light. To create a different mood for each of the three colours, each colour way was shot in a different room.

For the black collection, we chose to shoot in the bedroom with a background of blue and grey. The dark wood bed frame and feature wall look stunning against the black silk and lace!

For the White collection we shot in the living room of the house, choosing a soft blush wall as the backdrop for a clean and modern look.






Hair & Makeup 

What inspired the Hair & Makeup look for the collection? 

As this is our Signature collection, we wanted to keep the hair and makeup clean and timeless. We loved the length of Marcella’s hair – a long bob which was styled by the amazing Wendy Turner (@thegrownupedit) into soft effortless waves and a stylish updo. The makeup was soft - nude lips, light brown eyeshadow and a soft black liner on the eyes. The collection is all about everyday elegance so we wanted the makeup to reflect that.


How do you choose a model? 

We’ve had our eye on Marcella are a while and wanted to use her for this special shoot. She was an angel to work with, she knows her body and is very comfortable in her own skin.




Which is your favourite look from the shoot? 

We love all the looks it’s so hard to choose! But we think it would have the be the white collection – the way it stands out against the blush pink walls with the copper mirror and the marble fireplace really shows the vision we had for this shoot.


How do you select the final images? 

There are several stages when it comes to choosing the final photos that we will put on our website and share on social media. We select images based on two things, how well they show the product, and how well they convey the mood of the collection. For Signature, I wanted images that looked clean and modern whilst still keeping the sensual and feminine look Fleur of England has become known for.


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